Work and Life will Never Be The Same.

Are you living the life you imagined? If not, now is the time to change that. You deserve the future you desire with your own Functional Medicine Franchise.
Get to know what Novis Health stands for
Get to know what Novis Health stands for

The Functional Medicine Industry

The Franchise Industry

The Novis Health Way

Revolutionizing Healthcare One Community at a Time

People today are suffering from chronic diseases at historical levels. Patient’s needs get lost in the sea of inefficient healthcare and insurance systems. That’s where Novis Health comes in.

Private Pay
Membership Structure

Both members and franchisees benefit from the proprietary membership model of Novis Health™. Franchisees are able to project their earnings from month to month and members benefit from knowing their expenses upfront, not anxiously waiting for a bill in the mail.

A Clinical Approach that is changing the health of our nation.

With the most respected clinicians in Functional Medicine as part of our board, you can rest assured that your clinical team will have the most cutting edge and world class support to ensure the success of your members.

Turn Key Systems and Automation

From the moment you decide to open a location, convert a clinic or develop an area; simplicity and speed is our promise. Our success relies 100% on your success, so our deployment and support team exists to ensure impactful growth every step of the way.

Own A Life Changing Center Today.

The Novis Health Way

Investment & Cost

The total investment estimate to launch and begin operating your Novis Health Functional Medicine Franchise ranges from $113,395 to $281,395(2020 FDD).

With the help of our strategic partners and economical build out plans, Novis Health works hard to ensure that opening and operating costs are extremely efficient, placing you, the franchisee, in a position to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

The Novis Health Way

Why Invest in the
Novis Health Franchise

What if you could make a difference, while making a living… and still maintain a positive work-life balance? With a Novis Health franchise, we’ve created a business model that checks all the boxes with a new kind of practice that allows you to thrive professionally and personally!

Business Model

Say goodbye to insurance headaches with a 100 % cash business, flexible enough to serve a broad client base.

State Of The Art
Automated Technology

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology practically runs itself: administrative work is done for you.

Subscription Structure

The subscription model is a booming field, this market has grown by more than 100% a year. If you’re not shifting to this model, Tien Tzuo, from Stanford Business writes, “the chances are that in a few years, you might not have any business left to shift.”

Supplement Sales

We provide our own private-label line of high grade professional supplements, complete with a user-friendly portal for your patients to order from directly – no more tug-of-war with big pharma! Our supplement program is an added revenue stream for your business.

Member Acquisition & Retention

Acquiring members is both a science and art. Our team will train you every step of the way to support the sales capabilities of all levels.

Path To Your Future

Ownership Opportunities

Single Unit Agreement

Multi Unit Agreement

Area Developer

Our Experienced Team

Novis Health Leadership


Dr. Ryan Valencic

Chief Executive Officer

Founded 4 private practices.
Past President of New Vision Marketing.
Published Author and International Speaker.
IAOTP Executive Coach of the year 2020.


Dr. Ruben Valdes

Chief Content Officer

Three Time Published Author.
Functional Medicine Practice Consultant.
Founded 3 private practices.
Business Trend 150 Finalist October 2020.

Mark Shroyer

Chief Compliance Officer

Systems Engineer.
Oversight of Major Production Lines.
President of PürGenetics.

Tom Blue

Novis Health Board Member & Advisor

Director of Industry Strategy and Partnerships for The Institute for Functional Medicine.
Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer of the American Academy of Private Physicians.
Co-Founder Tailored Scripts.

Dr. Helen Messier

Medical Director

Medical Director since August 2020.
Chief Medical Officer for Tailored Script.
Chief Medical Officer for Medical Intelligence Learning Labs Inc.
Founder and Medical Director for Altum Medical.
Faculty Member, Reviewer, and Lecturer for the Institute for Functional Medicine.
Chief Medical Officer for Open Medicine Institute.
Chief Medical Officer at Viome, Inc.
Medical Director or Genomics at Human Long.


Richard Hoffman

Copywriter and Technology Officer

Co-founder, COO of MindBody Talent.
Professional Recruiting and Sales.

Dana Nicholson

Director of Operations

Senior Training Executive.
10+ Years of Executive Level Duties for
3 Major Functional Medicine Practices.

Robin Stewart

Director of Sales and Staffing

Professional Recruiting.
Co-founder, CEO of MindBody Talent.

Novis Health in the News

Functional Medicine as the #1 Investment Trend in 2020.